03 MAY 2018
Visiting Readiness of preparation for Ethylene PCESB tank cleaning package B july 2018.
03 MAY 2018
Demostration for 3D nozzle - visited by Ethylene project team.
25 APRIL 2018
ISO 9001:2015. Risk Management Workshop at CSSB meeting room.
04 APRIL 2018
Integral DBB for chemical injection at SAPA.
03 APRIL 2018
PCESB TA 2018 Contractors Engagement Event.
15 & 16 MARCH 2018 THURSDAY & FRIDAY Training for ISO 9001:2015

07/02/2018 WEDNESDAY

Kick Off meeting with MPC and Consultant for ISO 9001:2015 upgrading
31 JANUARY 2018
1 unit of Integral DBB is ready for field trial.
27 NOVEMBER 2017
Site visit by Petronas Penapisan Melaka Team at CSSB's Office & Yard, Gebeng.
15 NOVEMBER 2017
1. ISO post-meeting at CSSB Office.
2. Annual lunch celebrating CSSB's 7th Anniversary at MABIQ Restaurant, Tanjung Lumpur.
14 NOVEMBER 2017
Site visit by Petronas GPS Team at CSSB's Yard, Gebeng.
09 NOVEMBER 2017
Site visit for FRP Tank fabrication at Polydamic, Ipoh.
Refurbishment work for sludge dewatering system at Waste Treatment Plant at Petronas Gas Processing Santong.
29 AUGUST 2017
3 units Integral DBB for WPPA, Murphy Sarawak Oil ready for delivery.
23 AUGUST 2017
E136B & E141B Compabloc Heat Exchanger Cleaning & Maintenance 2017 at Petronas Penapisan Terengganu.
21 AUGUST 2017
ISO 9001:2008 compliance audit at CSSB's Office.
17 AUGUST 2017
Completions of PCOGD TA 2017 Chemical Cleaning Works at Butanol and Glycol plant.
09 AUGUST 2017
Chemical Cleaning activity during PCOGD Turnaround 2017.
13 JULY 2017
1. Site visit from PCOGD Team for equipment inspection and test run new chemical cleaning skid to be used for TA17 at Glycol plant.
2. Pressure test and pneumatic test for DBB injection quill with hollow cone spray nozzle.
11 JULY 2017
1. Safety Training and Awareness and Management Briefing prior to PCOGD TA 2017 at Rumbia, Paka.
2. Respirator Fit Test training at Rumbia, Paka.

08 JULY 2017

Construction of Chemical Cleaning Skid - Flow capacity 100m3, max pressure 8bar.
06 JULY 2017
1. ISO 9001:2008 Internal training by En Firdaus.
2. Mobilization for Petronas Chemicals LDPE Sdn Bhd, Chemical Cleaning for E-101A.
3. PCOGD Team Building for TA 2017.
09 MAY 2017
Jamuan Kesyukuran Sempena Tamatnya TA MTBE 2017.
02 MAY 2017
Site Visit for Equipment Readiness of Chemical Cleaning Activity for E102 by PC LDPE Team - CSSB Yard, Gebeng.
17 April 2017
Site visit for HDPE Pipeline Cleaning at AUO SunPower Sdn Bhd - Alor Gajah, Melaka.
08 April 2017
PCMTBE TA 2017 Started.
07 April 2017
Equipment & Tools Mobilization for PCMTBE TA 2017.
30 March 2017
Preparation for Chemical Cleaning Activity for AFC 202, 203, 204 & 901 (14 bundles) - PCMTBE TA APRIL 2017.
19 March 2017
Chemical Cleaning Execution forLD-11-E101A Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger at PC LDPE, Kerteh.
   03 March 2017
Meeting for Ultrasonic Bath Cleaning at Petronas Penapisan Melaka - Sg. Udang, Melaka.
28 February 2017
Chemical Cleaning Presentation at Petronas Gas Berhad - Gas Processing Kerteh.
01 February 2017 WEDNESDAY Ultrasonic Bath Cleaning Presentation & Demonstration at Petronas Gas Processing Santong, Paka.
19 January 2017 THURSDAY Sample testing activity by PDH at CSSB's Yard, Gebeng, Kuantan.
12 January 2017 THURSDAY Ultrasonic Bath Cleaning Demonstration with PC Ethylene and GPK rep at Kerteh.
11 January 2017 WEDNESDAY Ultrasonic Bath Cleaning Demonstration for PPMSB Team at PPMSB , Melaka.
04 January 2017 WEDNESDAY Ultrasonic Bath Cleaning Demonstration for MTBE at CSSB's Yard, Gebeng, Kuantan.
03 January 2017 TUESDAY Ultrasonic Bath Cleaning Demonstration for PDH at CSSB's Yard, Gebeng, Kuantan.
29 December 2016 THURSDAY Ultrasonic Bath Cleaning Demonstration for Petronas Penapisan Terengganu (PPT) at Yard Kerteh, Terenggangu.
08 December 2016 THURSDAY
1. Site Visit for CPO Palm Oil at Kilang Sawit Panji Alam Sdn Bhd, Kemaman, Terengganu.
2. Site Visit at Pusat Operasi Gas Petronas Segamat, Johor
07 December 2016 WEDNESDAY Site Visit at Arkema Thiochemicals Sdn Bhd, Kerteh, Terengganu.
07 December 2016 THURSDAY New certificate (added filed) from TNB as Supplier & Contractor Services View certificate
29 November 2016 SUNDAY Closing meeting for ISO 9001:2008. Surveillance Audit 2016 at CSSB Management Ofiice, Gebeng, Pahang.
27 November 2016 SUNDAY 1. Chemical cleaning E101B at PETLIN has started.
2. Site Visit at SMSO Shared Material & Services Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd Kerteh, Terengganu.
25 November 2016 FRIDAY 2nd injection vacsin HEP B for all CSSB's staff.
23 November 2016 WEDNESDAY 1. Site visit at Lumut Power Plant, Segari, Perak.
2. Site visit at TNB Janakuasa, Manjung, Perak.
17 November 2016 THURSDAY Meeting at PPTSB, Kerteh.
16 November 2016 WEDNESDAY Demob for Project E1324 - Chemical Cleaning at OPTIMAL, Kerteh.
15 November 2016 TUESDAY Project E1324 - Chemical Cleaning at OPTIMAL, Kerteh were completed.
08 November 2016 TUESDAY Project E1324 - Chemical Cleaning at OPTIMAL, Kerteh has started.
02 November 2016 WEDNESDAY SiteVisit at Petronas Gas Berhad Segamat Operation, Segamat Johor.
01 November 2016 TUESDAY SiteVisit at Kuantan Gas Compressor, Gambang.
26 October 2016 WEDNESDAY SiteVisit at Maintenance Building, GPK, Kerteh for Flusing Gas Turbine Project.
19 October 2016 WEDNESDAY Chemical Test at OPTIMAL, Kereteh.
11 October 2016 TUESDAY USP Presentation at Cracking & Leaching Plant, LYNAS, Gebeng.
05 October 2016 WEDNESDAY Submit Date for Business Activities Presentation at Petron, Malakoff Corporation Berhad, Total Dinamic Engineering Sdn Bhd and Shell Port Dickson.
04 October 2016 TUESDAY Chemical Cleaning Presentation & Side Visit at Stesen Janaelektrik Tuanku Jaafar Port Dickson
01 October 2016 SATURDAY Badminton activities with CSSB's Staff. 
30 September 2016 FRIDAY Reading Health Report by Mutiara Synergy Consultant. View photo
29 September 2016 THURSDAY Service for Cooler Chemical Cleaning Project at PGB, Kerteh were completed. View photo
25 September 2016 SUNDAY Service for Cooler Chemical Cleaning Project at PGB, Kerteh has started.
23 September 2016 FRIDAY Free Health Screening by Mutiara Synergy Consultant. View photo
21 September 2016 WEDNESDAY 1. Chemical Cleaning Presentation at Petronas ASEAN Bintulu Fertilizer, Bintulu, Sarawak. View photo
2. Health Briefing by Mutiara Synergy Consultant. View photo
20 September 2016 TUESDAY
1. Chemical Cleaning Presentation at GPP Santong, Paka, Terengganu.
2. Work Leader Training & Safety Briefing at PETLIN.
3. Safety Briefing at PGB, Kerteh, Terengganu.
4. Chemical Cleaning Presentation at Petronas MLNG Bintulu, Sawarak. View photo
5. SME Competitiveness Rating for Enhancement (SCORE).
08 September 2016 THURSDAY Collect Sample Elbow Polymer at EASTMAN for Chemical Cleaning Project. View photo
07 September 2016 WEDNESDAY 1. Project COMPLETED at PETLIN. View photo
2. Kick Off Meeting today 3:00pm at Petronas Chemicals Derivatives Sdn Bhd (Optimal).
06 September 2016 TUESDAY 1. Chemical Cleaning Presentation by Sales & Marketing Dept at HUNTSMAN,Kemaman. View photo
2. Status Checking for Tank Cleaning at Kemaman Bintumen Sdn Bhd (KBC), Kemaman. View photo
05 September 2016 MONDAY 2nd Circulation - Chemical Cleaning E101 Project for PETLIN has started. View photo
04 September 2016 SUNDAY Chemical Cleaning E101 Project for PETLIN has started.
03 September 2016 SATURDAY 1. Loading skid & pump from CSSB's Yard to PETLIN. View photo
2. Material test, Dimension check and Hydrostatic test for 6 pieces of DBB injection quill for Baker Hughes prior delivery. View photo
02 September 2016 FRIDAY Test run pump is ready for Chemical Cleaning Project at PETLIN. View photo
30 August 2016 TUESDAY 1. Test run skid is ready for Chemical Cleaning Project at PETLIN. View photo
2. Loading skid from PCSB-BIF Bintulu to CSSB's Yard. View photo
29 August 2016 WEDNESDAY 1. Contractor Engagement 2016 Seminar at PETLIN. View photo
2. GPK Chemical Cleaning for Oil Cooler will be start on 25th September 2016.
28 August 2016 WEDNESDAY Techno Comm Proposal for Chemical Clenaing E-1324 Exchanger at SMSO Kerteh. View photo
24 August 2016 WEDNESDAY Site Visit for HDPE Pipe Line Project by CSSB's Sales team at LYNAS, Gebeng View photo
23 August 2016 TUESDAY Tank Cleaning Proposal Presentation by CSSB's Sales team at Petronas MTBE View photo
14 August 2016 SUNDAY USP & Chemical Cleaning Presentation by CSSB's Sales team at PGB-GPS Paka Terengganu View photo
11 August 2016 THURSDAY Site Visit for Chemical Cleaning Project (Tank T-4903) at PDH-MTBE
10 August 2016 WEDNESDAY 1. USP Presentation by CSSB's Sales team at MTBE Petronas View photo
2. Chemical Cleaning Lube Oil Cooler Project at PGB, Kerteh, Terengganu will be postponed to 1st September 2016
08 August 2016 MONDAY 1. CSSB Intro at ABF Bintulu Sarawak View photo
2. CSSB Intro with Maltias Engineer Static at Kompleks MLNG Petronas Bintulu Sarawak View photo
3. Equipment Preparation are ready for Chemical Cleaning Lube Oil Cooler Project at PGB, Kerteh, Terengganu View photo
4. Execution Phase for Chemical Cleaning Boiler Project at PCSB-BIF Bintulu, Sarawak
07 August 2016 SUNDAY Safety Briefing at PGB, Kerteh, Terengganu for Project - Chemical Cleaning Lube Oil Cooler View photo
03 August 2016 MONDAY Departure Operation Team to PCSB-BIF Bintulu, Sarawak for Project - Chemical Cleaning Boiler View photo
02 August 2016 MONDAY 1. Safety Briefing at PGB, Kerteh, Terengganu for Project - Chemical Cleaning Lube Oil Cooler View photo
2. Tender Arrangement with TNB Johor View photo
01 August 2016 MONDAY New certificate from TNB as Supplier & Contractor Services View certificate
01 August 2016 MONDAY Chemical Cleaning Presentation by Sales & Markeying Dept. CSSB at BASF Petronas Sdn Bhd Shah Alam, Selangor View photo
28 July 2016 THURSDAY HSE Campaign at PCSB-BIF Bintulu, Sarawak View photo
23 June 2016 THURSDAY New certificate from MOF - Approved BUMIPUTERA Company Registration View certificate
20 June 2016 MONDAY New certificate from FELDA GLOBAL VENTURES HOLDINGS BERHAD - Approved Vendor Registration View certificate
12 May 2016 THURSDAY




Service/ Supply

10 May 2016 TUESDAY New certificate from PETRONAS - Approved Registration Categories. View certificate
05 May 2016 THURSDAY Sample collected from pipe at Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd (Kemaman Supply Base) for testing.
04 May 2016 WEDNESDAY Sample collected from HX 220 at Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd (Peninsular Malaysia Operation) for testing.
03 May 2016 TUESDAY Submit the proposal of technical & commercial for BASF Petronas Chemicals Sdn Bhd. (Provision of chemical cleaning of 1 unit ammonia condenser fin fan).
18 April 2016 MONDAY Fabricate and Supply of 1 Unit Adsorption Setup Pack - Execution date for Test Run.