CSSB considers the health and safety of its employees to be of primary importance to the continued well-being of its business.

CSSB recognizes its duty to operate its activities in a way that does not create risks to the health & safety of its employees, the client’s employees and to members of it the public and also to cause no harm to the environment.

The achievement of the aims of this Plan will require continued commitment and sustained efforts by everybody concerned. All employees have a personal responsibility to prevent injury or risk to health to themselves and to anyone else who may be affected by their actions.

It is CSSB’s pledge to demonstrate respect for the safety of all persons and the minimization of any environmental impacts in order to achieve our goals of no harm to people and no damage to the environment, and ZERO Accident/Incidents in all phases of the TAR/ PROJECT.

Everybody who works on the project, including CSSB and sub-contractors is responsible for getting all HSE practices and procedures are adhered at all time. Good HSE performance and the health, safety and security of everyone who works for CSSB are critical to the success of our business. To achieve this objective, CSSB has established five (5) guidelines to reach the goal. This guideline is the main consideration that been taken by and it is:

  1. CSSB will ensure only qualified personnel will do the work and all supervisors shall ensure their employees were fully trained and briefed on safe work procedure and any hazards in each work sequence. Each work must also be properly supervised to ensure personnel are carrying out the work according to the required procedures. Throughout the work process, the supervisor shall also train their personnel on proper methods of hazard elimination in preventing accident.
  2. CSSB will maintain higher safety awareness amongst employees. This can be achieved by having supervisors themselves leading by examples or supervising and carrying out work accordingly to the required procedures. Employees tend to emulate their supervisors and without the supervisor themselves having the right attitude about working safety, the level of motivation of the workers to workers to work safety will definitely go down.
  3. Safe equipment and clean work area is the key to safe work environment. CSSB will ensure that all area shall be free from residential hazard including stacking of material, removal of rubbish and maintaining clear accesses at all times. Equipment must be regularly inspected, before and after work.

CSSB will minimize the discharge of waste material (if have) that are knows to have negative impact on the environment. Identification of the waste and controlling these materials are vital to minimize the impact to the environment.

Incentives program are also suggested by CSSB among all sub-contractors to provide the platform to get fully participant of all employees involving with the TAR/PROJECT.

  • Consult, listen and respond openly to our customers, employees, neighbors, public interest group and those who work with us
  • Work with others – our partners, suppliers, competitors and regulators – to raise the standard of our industry.
  • Openly report our performance, good or bad. Our business plans include measurable HSE TAR/PROJECT targets. We are all committed to meeting them.